The Facilitator’s Guide to Radically Inclusive Meetings

by Dr. Mark Smutny


This is truly a guide — containing a wide range of advice for those who want to run inclusive, engaging and productive meetings. It covers both the mindset and skills facilitators need. Those skills include:

  • Planning a successful meeting
  • Opening and structuring meetings that maximise everyone’s participation
  • Managing difficult or contentious meetings

Key Learning Points

  • A successful meeting requires preparation
  • How you begin a meeting sets the stage for a productive experience
  • Great facilitators commit to being inclusive and even-handed
  • Successful facilitators use emotional intelligence to cultivate conversational relationships
  • Effective facilitators are skillful listeners who ask great questions.
  • The facilitator must ensure that difficult meetings have productive outcomes and must not allow meetings to go bad

My Takeaway

As I already mentioned, this is short on theory because it is long on specific suggestions and big-picture ideas. If you facilitate meetings and would like to improve both yourself and your meetings, I’d recommend you invest in this book.